Project Summary

The E-TOOL MOB project concerns the elaboration of an intercultural tool kit aimed to prepare young people (apprentices, trainees) for European mobilities.

Through the project a very important issue has been addressed: how to make the most of a European Mobility programme for the trainees on personal, professional, intercultural and social bases.

The aim is also to compare how apprentices deal with intercultural issues in their own country before their mobility; how to get round the clichés and stereotypes in order to implement the tools for a real living experience abroad.

The final product, an e-tool kit on the procedures and all the useful information needed to effectively organize a mobility experience abroad, is highly required by all the actors in a mobility projects: receiving countries, trainees, teachers, sending organisations, parents, institutions, social partners.

During the first year of the project, staff from schools, receiving national organisations, international consultant and European Exchange Association collected testimonies and feedbacks about previous European mobilities in the involved countries. They exchanged and compared the techniques of each country in the linguistic and cultural preparation. During the second year the E-tool was developed.