E-TOOL kit

A “ready to use” intercultural tool kit that will allow young people to make the best of their experience abroad

Welcome to the E-Tool Kit

The E-Tool Kit will help you to get ready to go and work abroad:

Let’s go
Le’s go is an intercultural document which will prepare for your trip abroad. Open it and enjoy the different activities that we suggest!

Why should I go and what to expect
This section will give you:
- An explanation on how to develop your employability skills,
- Support documents from the partnerships involved
- Links on experience working cultures and differences

What is expected of you
In this section of the TOOL KIT you will find the code of conduct that can help you to get prepared for an effective mobility experience abroad

Past experiences
Discover and learn what other apprentices, young professionals or students have already done!

Where are you going
Everything you need to know about each of the involved countries : Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway and UK

A European Certificate that validates your work experience abroad!

Top 10 Tips
The 10 more important things to know before going on a mobility project

All the questions you may have…