Project objectives

Significant mobility can only be the result of a concerted approach by all actors: apprentices willing to be part of a mobility, host companies, host organisations, host families, sending organisations. All of them are in need of a catalyst for embarking on a period of physical mobility, to enhance the quality.

The general objective of the project is: To create a sustainable online resource (European Information Advice and Guidance tool) which will be accessible to all users, across Europe.

Other objectives of the E-TOOL MOB project are:

◊ To continuously raise the standard of mobility and create a European model to ensure consistency,

◊ To share developments and best practices across Europe,

◊ To remove perceived barriers around the stereotypes within other cultures,

◊ To make sure that preparation is consistent and of a high standard at all levels, taking into account the different learners types and different learning needs. This standard should refer to different phases comprising the process of mobility: preparation to the mobility experience, self-evaluation before the programme, linguistic and cultural preparation, work placement in the company, interaction with society and local culture, self evaluation after the programme, general evaluation of the project, dissemination of the results.

◊ To implement a standard benchmarking process, which will ensure a consistent approach, to form a major part of the evaluation process, to further aid continuous improvement.

As a European team, we know that strength lies in sharing and co-working. We have several examples of young people ending their mobility programme early or finishing a mobility feeling disappointed, unsatisfied due to incomplete preparation. The ignorance about the culture of a country is often the reason of a lack of motivation. The problem concerns the best and the most attentive participation of the apprentices in the mobility process, therefore they become the main characters of the experience. The approach consists of Research, Confrontation and Experimentation between various partners in order to achieve the goals of the project. With the help of experts, each country will collect national information and will then share it with the different countries, in order to compare mobility experience. We will then discuss how to facilitate apprenticeship in another country, and hereby increase the volume of apprentices undertaking training abroad.